Optimal solutions for your company

We combine expertise within automation, power management and process to provide the best solutions and products for the future.


We perform practical and functional design of solutions and constructions. Through good overall solutions we create value for our customers.

We are looking forward to helping you in your challenges with our practical sence and overall competence.

Steel and aluminum constructions

Our strategic commitment in Lithuania, a region with long and strong traditions within maritime constructions, gives us great competitiveness.

Fully meeting your request at competitive cost.

Process and automation

The close cooperation with Level Power and Automation permits us to offer sharp designs and system solutions. Meeting our customers with a focus on their enquiry and striving to deliver optimal solutions.

Challenge us with an approach and we will meet your demands with a high focus on your values.

Plastic constructions

Combining advanced engineering skills with plastic opens opportunities for untraditional and exciting solutions. A material easy to process whilst being very resistant to the challenging marine environment.

Approach us with your enquiry and you will experience an environmentally conscious delivery.

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Jan Kåre Helvik

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Tommy Hansen Selvåg
Sales Manager

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